Why Choose Jost Van Dyke for your BVI Honeymoon?

There are many reasons why a couple should choose Jost Van Dyke for a BVI honeymoon destination. The first one that comes to mind is how romantic Jost Van Dyke is. It is absolutely gorgeous.
May 10, 2018

There are many reasons why a couple should choose Jost Van Dyke for a BVI honeymoon destination. The first one that comes to mind is how romantic Jost Van Dyke is. It is absolutely gorgeous. Nothing is more romantic then being with your sweetie on the most amazing beach (White Bay) in the Caribbean. White powdery sand, crystal clear blue water and great, fun bars/restaurants. If you like peace, quiet and alone time, stay on the White Bay Villas end of White Bay. You’ll have the beach to yourself! If you like social interaction, fun beach bars with great drinks, such as the Painkiller and the Bushwacker, then go to where the Soggy Dollar, One Love, Coco Loco, Gertrude’s, etc are. These are really fun places. You’ll meet so many wonderful people!

The second reason is how wonderful White Bay Villas are. The views are breathtaking and our Villas and Cottages are nice, private, clean and wonderfully appointed. They are delightful with all the necessities required to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable.

The third reason is the night sky. The night sky on Jost Van Dyke will make your BVI honeymoon a memorable experience. There are billions of stars in the night sky, especially with no moon. I’ve never seen so many stars, constellations, and shooting stars, then when I’m on Jost. Looking out at STJ and STT is eye candy. So many lights! When you sit on your deck and If you look really close, you’ll see that STT looks like an alligator, complete with tail and snout!

The fourth reason is you’ll feel truly away from it all! Now, that’s priceless. Jost Van Dyke and White Bay Villas are a one of a kind, unique, memorable experience. There is just no place like it.. anywhere. Once you’ve been there, you’ll realize that too and be back for more adventures and memories.

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If you have to work from home anyway, why not do it from White Bay Villas - on the last Virgin Island of Jost Van Dyke!

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