Welcome to the
White Bay Beach Club

A private Caribbean, beach front escape for eating, drinking, and meeting with incredible views and everything to enhance your vacation.

WBV Guests Receive FREE Access. Day Passes Available for Non-Guests.

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We invite you to experience the extraordinary.

All guests staying at White Bay Villas receive FREE Access and are welcome to come enjoy our beautiful, new private White Bay Beach Club situated on the serene, sandy beaches of White Bay, Jost Van Dyke.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the world famous Caribbean sunsets as you dine on locally sourced dishes cooked in our wood-fired oven!

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White Bay Beach Club

Amenities and Services

The private White Bay Beach Club takes pride in our aim to offer you a wide range of amenities and services during your time on Jost Van Dyke. The club allows you to disconnect as much or as little as you want in between sun-filled dips in the warm, turquoise water that sits just steps from the deck.

Alice's Restaurant & Bar

Enjoy libations and delicious local artisan cuisine from our island chef in our picturesque and relaxed beach-front setting.
Explore Alice's Restaurant & Bar

Water Activities

Paddle out over the pristine clear water of White Bay or snorkel and experience the world of underwater life with no need to provide your own equipment.

Vacation Essentials

White Bay Villas guests can access fresh, clean beach towels, beach lounges along our private strip of sand, and other essential items needed during a beach vacation.

Private Lockers

Use our private lockers to stow your valuables away while you enjoy beach time with friends and family. Even though our island is extremely safe, it's always nice to know you have a place to put things.

Freshwater Showers

Rinse away the salt and sand in our freshwater showers before grabbing a delicious meal at Alice's!
Offerings subject to change before full opening.

Meet Our Chef - Ardenia Diamanti

With nearly a decade of working in high-level gastronomy in the European and Asian environments, Ardenia has managed to develop and identify her vision on how food should look and more importantly, taste.

She brings to the Beach Club her incredible international experiences from award winning restaurants in Italy, Spain, England, Switzerland, Singapore, and Japan. She has also been a Private Chef for world famous clients.

Inspired by Zen culture and philosophies, she gives special care and respect to each dish she prepares, developing familiar tastes and offerings by using local ingredients found on the island and in the adjacent sea.

She specializes in seafood and vegetable dishes, is passionate about fermentations and preserves, and has spent the last few years developing her skills baking sourdough - something that comes shines through in our wood-fired pizza oven - where most of our dishes are completed.

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Implementing Building Practices to Better the Environment

We are here to service your needs, keep your rooms fresh, and more during your stay.

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Making a place to withstand anything nature can throw at it.

We are here to service your needs, keep your rooms fresh, and more during your stay.

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