Updates from White Bay Villas regarding COVID-19.

Please read the important information below regarding updated statuses during the ban on international travel and what we are doing to keep our staff and community safe. We will aim to provide weekly updates so you can get back to planning your very much needed Caribbean vacations as soon as possible.

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November 9th, 2020 - Update:

I Voted for a Vacation!

The BVI’s are opening for tourism December 1st and this is a unique opportunity to stay with us at White Bay Villas and take advantage of the total serenity, peace and tranquility we have right now. Once your little travel adventure lands you in your Villa, you’ll experience a feeling that’s magic . . . like turning the clock back 40 years to how it used to feel on JVD!

A personal note:

When I first started going to Jost Van Dyke in the early 1970s, the excitement of going there was everything. Traveling to my personal heaven was a wonderful adventure and a personally transforming experience because I knew what was awaiting me once I arrived. In those days, I had to first get to St. Thomas and then run around for many hours in a van I chartered by the hour to assist me in shopping for supplies. The goal was to get to Jost and have everything I needed - so that once there, I didn’t need to leave.

It always came to pass that I arrived in the dark to JVD, in a small boat, and usually very wet from the sea. But, it didn’t matter, because it was well worth it. The freedom of being on Jost, away from the hustle and stresses of the rest of the world, was my salvation. Decades later, the feeling I have when arriving on Jost Van Dyke is the same. I hope we can find a way to communicate to our guests that once they settle in their Villa, experience the beauty of nature, peace of mind, incredible views, and crystal clear waters of White Bay, they will be so happy for dealing with some inconveniences. We are confident you will feel that the travel adventure is part of the mystique of Jost Van Dyke.

- John Klein, Owner of White Bay Villas

During the past week, the BVI Government added more details to their plan to open the borders on December 1st. They want to keep the BVI’s as the safest destination in the Caribbean. So, there is a little complexity in travel, but we can easily make it worth the trip and provide an amazingly relaxed and safe tropical vacation.

What we know now (from Nov. 6, 2020) – based on the latest information from Government:·      

- From December 1st – 8th All travel into the BVI will have to go through Beef Island, Tortola (the Terrence B. Lettsome International Airport “EIS”). We were just informed that as of December 8th, Government expects the seaport in Road Town, Tortola to receive passengers coming by Ferry from St. Thomas. So, we recommend you make reservations for White Bay Villas, then travel arrangements to fly into St. Thomas (or Beef Island). We will keep you closely informed and give guidance as we receive it on how you’ll be transported to JVD from the ferry terminal in Tortola and then onto your Villa. Currently, we don’t know when direct ferry or private water taxi travel from St Thomas to JVD will be allowed. Stay tuned on this one.

- You will need to provide proof of a negative PRC COVID-19 test that was taken within 5 days of travel before you arrive in the BVI’s.  This is now required by many countries, locales, and airlines.  Many airports now have “fast” PRC testing centers (for a fee). There will also be COVID-19 testing upon arrival and your test result must be negative and will be entered into a BVI database for tracking.

- You must have proof of medical travel insurance that includes COVID-19 coverage. Many health insurance carriers now include COVID-19 coverage, but please make sure and document it.

- All guests to the BVI will be required to subscribe to a contact tracing system on their mobile phone, or in some cases a wearable device. An app will be downloaded on your smart phone at the BVI port of entry - and a tracking system will be in place.

- All guests to our Villas are required to remain in private quarantine on the estate for the first 4 days. You are free to roam our private roads and walking paths, explore the property, and go to the beach on our 20 plus acres of heaven.

More news:

- Our private on-property White Bay Beach Club, with its restaurant and bar, is scheduled to open by February 2021.

- Our provisioning service can pre-stock your villa prior to your arrival with food and beverage items - and customized by your preferences.o   All WBV staff is COVID trained and certified and all Villas are deep cleaned and sanitized.

- All villas have WIFI and high-speed internet along with back-up power making “Working From Home” at White Bay Villas easy and relaxed.

- We recommend stays at WBV of at least 10 days.  This is because on the fourth day, you will be required to take another PCR test on JVD. If negative, you will have more movements permitted with the BVI’s – we are awaiting further details about this.

- When you return to St. Thomas, as the current rules are, you’ll need to show another negative COVID test taken within 5 days of your travel. BVI Government will have a testing facility on JVD to help make this happen.

October 28th, 2020 - Update:

We have received more information regarding the re-opening of the BVIs -

Read the Statement By Premier And Minister Of Finance On Phase One Re-Opening Of The Tourist Industry here -

October 20th, 2020 - Update:

White Bay Villas are Ready When the Border Opens

A couple weeks ago, the Government of the BVI’s announced during their launch of the “BVI Love Campaign” - that they will open their borders to Tourists on December 1st.  We are monitoring this situation with great excitement and anticipation.. and will continue to provide you with updates in real time as they happen.  As a reference point - the USVIs are already open for tourists!

Many details are yet to come from the BVI Government as to exactly how things will work, and if any testing or other protocols will be included.

This has given even more motivation to our amazing staff at White Bay Villas to get the property all dressed up and ready for your visit.  ALL our WBV staff have been COVID-19 tested, as well as all residents of JVD, and all tested negative.

All our staff has been COVID-19 trained and the entire property has been Certified by the BVI Government.

All our villas have been meticulously detailed, repainted, updated, deep cleaned and disinfected using the highest international standards. An additional fantastic plus is that we anticipate the opening of the new White Bay Beach Club early next year.

Once the BVI opens for you - we will be ready!

Finally - Ask us about our sister USVI rental opportunity at Villa Solaire...you’ll love it!

September 22nd, 2020 - Update:

Looks like we have a date! Who is ready to visit us in paradise!?

Following the latest update regarding an extended curfew (5a-5p), as well as opening the territory to BVI residents, we have received news that the rest of the BVI territory is slated to reopen its borders to tourists, among others, December 1st, 2020!

We are still awaiting the specifics of what reopening the borders will look like and require, but we are optimistic that this date will help us welcome tourists back to our beautiful, free-standing villas here on Jost Van Dyke in the British Virgin Islands.

Read the Press Release Below:

"Premier and Minister of Finance, Honourable Andrew A. Fahie has announced that the Territory’s borders will be opened to visitors on December 1.

The Premier while addressing the launch of the BVILOVE Launch Tourism Campaign today September 21 stated that the Virgin Islands will open to visitors on December 1.

He said that the Government is optimistic and is vigorously preparing for the re-opening of the Territory to welcome back tourists among others.

Premier Fahie said, “The Territory has two full months to prepare and we as a people must get it right and we must get it done by all  working together, both the Government and  private sector.”

The Premier said that the Government intends to reopen the Territory in the safest way possible using science and technology as a guide.

“This next phase also comes with a risk factor, where if a case of COVID-19 gets into our Territory, then it can go through the whole community very quickly.  That is why we must use technology,” he said, adding, “The concentration must be to use the technology through a simulation prior, to demonstrate that the technology will complement the science to greatly assist us in re-opening in the safest way, humanly possible.”

The Premier stated that the residents of the Virgin Islands must do their part to suppress the spread of the virus.

He said, “Please note that we who are in the Virgin Islands must also play our part and play it well to ensure that we adhere to all approved social distancing measures. This will also reduce or eliminate any possible spread of the virus.”

Premier Fahie further added, “By each of us, from now, holding each other accountable thereby ensuring that we wear our masks, staying six feet apart, washing our hands often with soap and water for 20 seconds minimum, sanitizing, along with adhering to all other approved social measure protocol for us individually and for each business, we can successfully operate in this “New Regular” of the COVID-19 era.”

The Government of the Virgin Islands is using a phased approach to the Territory’s borders amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Phase 1 of the Controlled Border reentry process commenced on June 2 for Virgin Islands, Belongers, Naturalised citizens, and Permanent Residents.

Phase two of the reentry process which commenced on September 1 allowed for several new categories to be permitted into the Territory including Work Permit Holders; Existing Work Permit Exemption Holders; Residing Entry Permits such as Retirees and Homeowners; students of locally-based Medical Schools and the H. Lavity Stoutt Community College; persons employed by the Government of the Virgin Islands Bodies, Agencies, Boards and teachers whether public and private; Dependents of Belongers, Permanent Residents, Work Permit Holders and Work Permit Exemption Holders, persons desirous of conducting business in the Territory; and diplomats deemed as Business Visitors.

Phase 2 also allows for the entry of aviation crew, maritime crew, healthcare practitioners/medical staff, emergency maintenance, repair, and other technical personnel; and other essential specialized workers in the Territory for no longer than 5 days."

- BVI.gov

August 5th, 2020 - Update:

Please be aware that every resident of Jost Van Dyke has been tested for COVID-19 and the results are negative!

"Deputy Premier and Minister for Health and Social Development announced that 316 samples collected from Jost Van Dyke test negative for COVID-19.

Health Minister Malone reported that 17 close contacts on Jost Van Dyke and four on Tortola were immediately quarantined, tested and all results returned negative for the virus that causes COVID-19....."

Read the Full Article Here

June 23rd, 2020 - Update:

What will safe, healthy, responsible, and resilient travel look like? This is what Virgin Islands travelers are saying based on a June 2020 Survey 

In early June 2020, White Bay Villas (WBV) surveyed past guests and those familiar with Jost Van Dyke (JVD) to get their input on a variety of issues including what does safe, healthy, responsible and resilient travel look like. We include “responsible” because how and what you do affects others. We added resilient because travel must be sustainable, include low-to-no carbon emissions, utilize clean green energy, and incorporate resource conservation. This must also be part of this discussion.

We received over 500 responses to the survey, which indicates how important this topic is.

Interestingly, a third of respondents think it will be safe to travel back to the Caribbean again this summer, but more (at 46%) think it will be more likely beginning in the fall 2020/winter 2021 season.  Almost three quarters (74%) of respondents expect they will travel back to the Virgin Islands in the next 12 months and that makes us optimistic and excited....

Read the Full Article Here

June 2nd, 2020 - Update:

Rising optimism for travel back to paradise.

The BVI are not yet open to any outside travel, but there is now a target date of September 1, 2020, for the borders to open for non-citizens and permanent residents. There are small things that are starting to make us feel slightly more optimistic.

Beginning June 2, BVI belongers and residents can enter the Territory with a mandatory 14-day quarantine.  The entire White Bay Villas property was inspected and approved as a quarantine facility. Once the borders open for tourism in September and more details surface, this will be a great benefit for our guests.

Further, the USVI is now open for tourism beginning June 1 with advanced hotel reservations.We would like your input as to what it will take to make you feel safe to travel to the Caribbean again. Please take the short 8 question 5 minute survey below (using the link or scanning the QR Code) so we can gauge your opinions and begin to prepare for what the "new normal" will look like.  We will publish the results of the survey on our website.

Take The Short Survey Here

And thanks to everyone for sharing your memories.  We receive hundreds of photos and videos. You can check them out here on our Facebook page.

April 24th, 2020 - Update:

We want to share our most sincere thanks regarding the recent outreach from guests with future reservations. These global travel bans have hurt the hospitality industry, among many others, and we miss offering you a place of refuge and relaxation. Until then, we are preparing for the next time we can accept travelers to our beautiful property here at White Bay on Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands. Again, thank you to all of our supporters!

April 18th, 2020 - Update:

Good day valued guests and friends, 

I am John Klein, founder, owner, and builder of White Bay Villas, and live on the property. I want to give you the latest information as of mid-today April 18th, 2020. As some of you may have heard, the Government of the BVI’s has announced their own phased-in plan that outlines an internal reopening of the Territory over the next six weeks.

The part that is most relevant to us and our guests is that even if you could travel, all ports of entry in the BVI’s will remain closed until the beginning of June. Beyond that, we do not have enough concrete information to share with you about what the future plans will entail. The process here, as it appears in the rest of the world, continues to change and remains fluid. 

While we applaud the swift and uncompromising response from our officials, the latest announcement from the BVI Government came as a jolt to the entire local community. Especially in light of the fact that the BVI’s have only 4 confirmed cases (none on Jost Van Dyke). Tourism, a pillar of the BVI economy, is currently non-existent and suffering severely under the weight of the pandemic. This is very hard to swallow here, when we just began to recover from the devastating back-to-back hurricanes of September 2017. White Bay Villas finished and re-opened our last rebuilt Villa on January 1, 2020. 

This is difficult for me to write without getting tears on my laptop keyboard. 

While we remain very hopeful that we will be able to welcome everyone back soon, we are at the mercy of Governments, not just here, but all over the world. Their orders continue to change based on the latest information, statistics, and trends. We must rely on the determination of Governments everywhere about how, when, and at what speed to move forward to open tourism in the best interest of health, safety and the BVI’s.  We are on our toes and lean-in while listening and reading updates each day. 

I am kindly asking that you remain patient with us while we navigate through this unprecedented time. Many of you have deposits with us for vacations such that the timing has now become uncertain during the next few months. I am acutely aware of this. We went from an amazing successful restart, finally, after 28 months since the hurricanes' devastation – to dead stop, in a matter of days. This turn of events is financially stunning, as we are a small family-owned business without the financial resources of a larger company. Further, adding insult to injury, our business interruption insurance carrier informed me that they do not provide coverage for this type of event. Again, more stunning news. We are mindful that life and finances everywhere have been turned upside down. Be assured that your deposit has no expiration and will be usable whenever you re-schedule. If anyone wants to speak with me personally, please write me an email, with your phone number at: john@jostvandyke.com 

Although our doors are currently closed to guests, and our ability to entertain you in the near future is questionable, we look forward and remain optimistic to gather again in the most loved place in the world - beautiful White Bay, Jost Van Dyke. To that end, we have invited our staff to live on our property, in exchange for keeping it maintained and pristine. 

We miss you and envision the day soon when we welcome you back to Jost Van Dyke. Thank you for your loyalty. Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for your love and patience. And most importantly, stay safe and healthy – we will all get through this together. 

With warm regards from our family to yours,

John Klein and the White Bay Villas family

March 30th, 2020 - Update:

March 25th, 2020 - Update:

Greetings from beautiful White Bay, Jost Van Dyke!

To all our friends and loyal customers:

My name is John Klein, the owner and developer of White Bay Villas. I have been in Jost Van Dyke and the Virgin Islands for more than 45 years. During these years, I have seen many things happen in this world, but there has never been anything like the current situation affecting the entire planet. 

In September 2017, we were directly hit by Irma, the most powerful Category 5 Hurricane ever. Then just 13 days later we were hit by Category 5 Hurricane Maria. We were severely impacted. It took until January 2020 for us to get all our buildings ready for occupancy by our guests. 

This season, until two weeks ago, was going fantastic. Occupancy was very high, reviews were amazing, and the year was looking bright for all of us. Additionally, our guests and staff have been very excited about our new White Bay Beach Club. In fact, we were just weeks away from serving food and beverages in this unique beautiful facility. 

Then the Corona virus changed everything.

On March 19, 2020 the BVI Government issued a statement that there will be no entry to the BVI’s for 30 days for any outsiders. The only people that can enter the Territory are “Belongers”, Residents and Work Permit card holders. Further, yesterday March 22, the BVI Government amended the original statement and closed all seaports and airports for 14 days to ALL passengers – including BVI nationals. This is an effort to secure the Territory and see if any cases of infection surface here.

This is a very challenging time. All of us are on hold.  It’s difficult to plan right now.

Our entire White Bay Villas team wants you all to know that you are very valued guests. If you are worried about making a reservation at White Bay Villas because of all the unknowns of when you can travel, we want to try and make it somewhat less risky.  Any reservations made with White Bay Villas can be moved to a future date of your choice with no fees or penalties. We love our guests and greatly appreciate your patience, your business, and your loyalty.

We will keep you advised of the situation here in the BVI’s, and status of the resort. Please check our website for weekly updates and more information including FAQs. We are looking forward to seeing everyone once the travel ban is lifted. It’s lonely here!

Very Sincerely,

The Team at White Bay Villas

Frequently Asked Questions

(click each for answers)

Can I still travel to Jost Van Dyke (JVD)?

No. All ports of entry into JVD and all the BVI are closed until at least June 1, 2020 to everyone EXCEPT British Virgin Islands (BVI) “Belongers”, “residents”, and those with BVI work permits. But, strictly enforced “stay at home” orders remain still in place in JVD and all the BVI.

Where can I find updated information as to when “ports of entry” to both the USVI and BVI will reopen?

We here at White Bay Villas will post updates on our website as we get them. Otherwise, please check both the USVI and BVI government websites - click here for USVI COV-19 updates or click here for BVI COVID-19 updates.

What if we arrive on JVD by private yacht? Can we still stay at White Bay Villas (WBV)?

NO private yachts and other vessels can enter the BVI and the government is patrolling and monitoring to ensure that. Only approved BVI ferries can travel, and even they are very restricted. All passengers will be screened and their temperatures taken. When allowed by government, only BVI “Belongers”, “residents”, and those with BVI work permits will be allowed to travel and only by authorized ferries within the BVI and onto JVD.

White Bay Villas is currently “closed”. When will WBV reopen?

WBV will reopen when 1) the BVI government allows businesses to reopen, and 2) when we believe that it is safe again for our staff and guests.  It is possible, and even optimistically, that the BVI might open again September 1 to non-residents. Currently, the BVI is in lockdown until June 1.

What happens to White Bay Villas staff while WBV is closed?

We have invited staff to live at WBV, and we have ensured their safety.We are using the closure of WBV to work on special projects, deferred maintenance projects, adding more renewable energy projects and even more resiliency, and doing early (and normal) hurricane season preparations. 

All villas are being deep-cleaned and disinfected, and then we close them up tight. We still check on the units weekly and do tasks such as flushing toilets, run water from faucets, turn ceiling fans on and off, test air conditioners, etc. We want to be ready to open as soon as we are allowed and guests can again travel.

Are there any active COVID-19 cases on JVD? Were any past guests or staff exposed to COVID-19 prior to WBV closing?

World-wide the situation is fluid. As of this moment on 4/18/20, there are no confirmed cases of COVID-19 on JVD, but there are several positive cases on Tortola, including one death. WBV will postany changes as soon as we know them. For up to the moment information, it’s best to check with both the USVI and BVI government websites (links below):

USVI COV-19 updates   BVI COVID-19 updates

NO past WBV guest or staff member has been exposed to COVID-19.

Are any businesses still open on JVD?

The BVI government has enforced that all hospitality businesses (e.g. hotels, Inns, vacation rental homes) and restaurants must close. No groups greater than 2 can be together. There are only a few grocery and other food retail shops that remain open on JVD, but have restrictions. Residents and Belongers are able to get some supplies from Tortola, but they must abide by strict curfews, social distancing, and travel rules which keep changing.

What are the residents of JVD doing during these tough times?

There is a strictly enforced “stay-at-home” order.  People on JVD are doing whatever they can to stay safe. The beaches are closed, but no one is even allowed to go in the sea. There are few if any jobs that are available, as most all the businesses on JVD and other BVI have now closed.  JVD is totally dependent on tourism. But life still goes on as best as it can. Some residents might be able to work virtually from home depending on the Internet access.

JVD is currently like a ghost town, and all you can hear are the waves, the wind, the birds, and the wild goats. Only a couple private boats are in White Bay, and they belong to BVI residents who live on their boats.  JVD feels like it did 40 years ago with the entire beach to yourself.  Wild goats are roaming down from the hills as no one is around to scare them. 

Is WBV still accepting new reservations for 2020 and beyond?

Yes! In fact, we are offering special deals with reservation and deposit protection. See our online reservations and/or call us. We are hoping (and praying) that by the fall we will be able to accept visitors and guests.

What if I have an existing reservation for WBV and I can no longer go?

Call us at 1-800-778-8066 or to Lucy at 1-340-642-4484. You can rebook for another time and at the same rate.  Please view our cancellation policy.  There are no penalties, late fees, or rebooking fees. We will do everything we can to protect your deposit and help you to rebook for a later date. 

Can you change an existing WBV reservation?

Yes. Call us at 1-800-778-8066 or to Lucy at 1-340-642-4484. You can rebook for another time and at the same rate. Please view our cancellation policy. There are no penalties, late fees, or rebooking fees. We will do everything we can to help you rebook for a later date.

Are there any penalties or rebooking fees if we change our WBV reservation?

There are no penalties, late fees, or rebooking fees. We will do everything we can to help you including to rebook for a later date.  Any reservation with White Bay Villas can be moved to a future date of your choice with no fees or penalties.

I understand that WBV also has properties in St. Thomas USVI. Can we still make a reservation to stay there?

WBV does have sister properties on St. Thomas. We are not currently taking any reservations for those properties. Unfortunately, travel into the USVI also has significant restrictions.  Only USVI residents are currently allowed into the USVI at all its ports of entry including the STT and STX airports.

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