The 5 Best Things to do on Jost Van Dyke

Jost Van Dyke (JVD) offers varieties of activities and ways to spend your days and nights. Its offerings provide for all vacationers ranging from snorkelers, swimmers, land and beach dwellers, those looking to totally relax and the more adventurous folk and everything in between.
September 17, 2019

Jost Van Dyke (JVD) offers varieties of activities and ways to spend your days and nights. Its offerings provide for all vacationers ranging from snorkelers, swimmers, land and beach dwellers, those looking to totally relax and the more adventurous folk and everything in between. JVD not only supplies the most memorable trip you'll experience, but it has a charm that will have you dreaming about returning sooner than later.

For those who have been here and those who are looking to visiting for their first time, below is a list of the top five things to do on our favorite, beautiful little island here in the Caribbean.

Number 5 - Go Hiking

Did you know that Jost Van Dyke has incredible hiking? Whether adventuring the island around the beach or throughout the hillsides, JVD gives both beginners and experienced hikers a memorable trek. And if you're up to it, you can go from one end of the island to the other. The only question is whether you'll start from the east or the west and how many incredible pictures you take on your hike.

View of Great Harbour
Photo Credit: Thunder Bridge Photo

Notable sights:
- View of White Bay from Changes Point or back near Saddle Bay
- Local Goats - You'll more likely come across these free range, almost tame, and incredibly cute little creatures versus seeing other people.
- Bubbly Pool - Located on the east side of the island, Bubbly Pool gives adventurers a short, water adjacent trek, that ends with a nice dip in the naturally formed bubbling water jacuzzi.
- View of Great Harbour and northeast Caribbean - Make your way up the hill for a spectacular view of Great Harbour. At the base of the communications tower at the top of Jost Van Dyke you will be at the highest point in the northeast Caribbean.

Number 4 - Rent a Jeep

There is nothing like having your own four-wheel-drive vehicle to go exploring. You can be on opposite sides of the island in just a short scenic drive, allowing for more time to see all that JVD has to offer. You feel in control of your vacation and navigating the island roads will make you feel as if you're on your own, private island excursion.

Photo Credit: Paradise Jeep Rentals

Notable sights and stops:
- Taboo - Located at the east end of the island on Long Bay/Diamond Cay, Taboo restaurant offers tasty island fare and delicious drinks. Think about a designated driver because you can never only have one of their tasty bevvies.

- Drive the strip of Great Harbour and over to Little Harbour - see how quickly the island changes within a five-minute drive of the waterfront road.
- Easily trek down to White Bay Beach's restaurants and bars and feel like a local and we should mention that you should meet and mingle with the locals. They are the most wonderful and welcoming people in the world!

Number 3 (and 2) – Eat, Drink and Dance at the numerous local restaurants and bars

Jost Van Dyke is known for its ability to throw spontaneous great parties anytime and anywhere, even more when there is any holiday. It also offers quiet, relaxing nights among its numerous eateries and bars. Whether you're in the mood for a locally caught lobster or ready to enjoy one of the many island drinks, JVD has something to quench your hunger and thirst no matter what it is you're looking for.

Photo Credit: Hendo's Hideout
Photo Credit: Foxy's

Notable Restaurants and Bars:
- Soggy Dollar Bar (Soggys) - Frequented by patrons of the sea, typically having to swim from boat to beach, hence the name "Soggy Dollar", Soggy is known for originating and perfecting the the world famous “Painkiller” drink in the 1970's, and also offers beach games along with the best people-watching in the world.
- Get the lobster wrap at Hendo's us on this one.
- Order pizza at Corsair's - You'll reminisce of the mainland but realize how much better the pizza here tastes looking out over the beautiful Caribbean water.
- Visit world-famous Foxy's - Offering great drinks, local island dishes and amazing nightlife, Foxy's is a favorite place to be at night on JVD. 

And Number 1 - Any and all things Beach and Water or Just Doing Nothing

Yes, you are in the Caribbean and yes, you are on "The Last Virgin Island", Jost Van Dyke, the last unspoiled island in the most beautiful part of the world. You will love experiencing the beautiful and soft white-sand beaches, and the warm, crystal clear, turquoise water. Relax in the sun or shade, float out in the sea, go snorkeling, sea kayaking, or experience a boat excursion and succumb to the island lifestyle that will make you start planning your next trip back before you even leave.

Photo Credit: Thunder Bridge Photos

Notable locations:
- You can't go wrong anywhere on our island. No matter what, if you are by the water, in the water or out on it, we promise it will be spectacular!

Bonus Best Thing to do: Bask in a sunset on your private deck overlooking White Bay.

During your stay at White Bay Villas, you will have the best views of incredible sunsets anywhere. You will be speechless as the vivid colors and the over encompassing relaxation engulf you while sipping on a rum-filled drink or just taking in the total ambiance of the vast Caribbean waters and surrounding islands.

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